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Charles Reed Cagle was born in 1962 and raised in Clarksville, Texas. Mr. Reed Cagle has been happily married to his wife, Donna for over 30 years. Together with their son, they lived in Colorado Springs, Colorado from 1999-2017, returning to Plano Texas in 2018. Charles Reed Cagle has been involved in many aspects of the energy industry for 35 years.

Mr. Reed Cagle began his career in 1986 as an associate with Kinlaw Oil Corporation. In 1996 he left to help launch a small independent energy firm in Dallas, Texas. In 1997, Mr. Cagle formed Heartland Energy, Inc., which later became HEI, where he served as the President and Chief Executive Officer. Taking direction from joint venture partners he engaged operators, drilling contractors, geophysicists, engineers, service companies, and a variety of professionals in the energy industry. In 2006, Charles Reed Cagle became involved in the drilling service side of the industry, financing and building a 2000 horsepower drilling rig capable of drilling depths to 20,000 feet.

In 2011 Charles Reed Cagle became involved in the mining industry in the US and South America. He acquired a mining concession in Oregon that ultimately proved over 89,000 ounces of gold. In Chile Charles Reed Cagle has been involved with the funding and day-to-day operations of a copper and gold processing plant located in Copiapo. The mining work led to him developing a proprietary process used to remove and neutralize toxic material from liquids while recovering the precious metals. This technology is being used in Copiapo with potential applications around the world in the mining sector.

After returning to Texas, Charles Reed Cagle began consulting with several midsize independent oil companies, using his years of experience to streamline operations and direct his clients into lower-risk horizontal plays in Colorado and Texas. In addition to his oil and gas clients, he consults with a large commercial landscaping company covering East and Central Texas.

In his free time, Reed enjoys spending time outdoors, fishing, hunting, cycling and

playing golf with his son.

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